Melbourne Pool Steel Fixers- Pool Renovations with Style 

Melbourne Pool Steel-Fixers specialize in pool renovations to comply with engineering specifications. We work alongside and operate with some of Melbourne's best and well-known pool builders and our approach is personal. Ken is very experienced at what he does and he is always  happy to explain to clients what the  whole process entails. This open and ongoing communication ensures the client is well informed, feels engaged in the process and understands what the  work entails.

Pool renovations can encompass many things and each client has  different requirements and expectations.

Melbourne Pool Steel Fixers can renovate your old swimming pool and bring it back to life
  • we can add new steps benches
  • swimouts
  • we can remove your old interior and arrange for a new pool surface to be fitted, whether it's fully tiled, quartz, or  pebble.

The Business of Renovations & why you should choose us

Melbourne Pool Steel Fixers prides itself on honesty and punctuality. Our business practice means that we start and complete all types of work to the customers’ satisfaction. In addition, we are also happy go over projects on site to discuss any troubleshooting. This enables us to iron out any problems in the job, early in the piece.

Why renovate your pool?

The warmer weather and holiday times are the times when we all want to  enjoy our  pools. Cracks, chips and even regular wear and tear on the interior of your swimming pool can impact on this enjoyment. So, renovations make sense to ensure this substantial  investment is cared for, and maintained, before significant  damage occurs.

Pool interior damage is expensive and a safety hazard

• A damaged or over worn pool interior increases swimming pool maintenance expenses and can allow expensive chemicals to be lost.
• Damaged pool interiors puts pool users at risk of cuts and abrasions, making your swimming pool a less than happy place to spend your leisure time.

What can we fix? - Pool renovations involving

- Pool Coatings
Pool Painting
Pool Restoration
Pool Renovations
Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing
- Pool Coping
Pool Tilers
- Pool Interior Finishes
- Pebble Pool Finish
Pool Tile Installation
- Pool Refinishing
Pool Refurbishment
-  Pool fencing
Pool Repair 


What to do when your pool interior is cracked & dated the MODERN  ANSWER  with the  modern  look.

We have  just recently renovated a pool at Balwyn and the picture   we are showing here, is how it  was  transformed.

If your pool interior is cracking and flaking and if you want to go with a more modern
 look for the backyard we can fix that.
• we can square the pool corners up
• add a swimout at either end
• add pool lights
• deckjets water features, and  pa jets,
• attach this  to a cordless remote control for easy operation.

 Melbourne Pool Steel-Fixers will carry our all renovations for the ultimate swimming pool with  care and attention to detail. We service the entire Melbourne region.

Come and talk to Ken today. He will  visit  your  home and discuss all the options with you. You won't be disappointed.

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Pool Steel Fixers - pool renovations

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