Melbourne Pool Steel-Fixers specialises in:

  • Steel-fixing: Swimming Pools, Water Tanks, Spas, Fish Tanks, aquarium.
  • General Steel Fixing, including: Concrete Slabs, Pads and Piers.


We can alter the shape of your old pool to modernize the look and new water features and can alter stairs and add swim-outs

Steel Fixing

involves is fastening the steel reinforcing bars to ensure they stay in the correct place- and this is our speciality.


fully boxed / formed pools, In-ground or Out of Ground Pools, Spa's and Water Tanks.

Pool plumbing:

primary (pre plumb) including spa and pool infloor cleaning systems. Secondary plumbing. We can also supply and fit equipment.

Concreting: -

Concrete Slabs and around Pool / Spa paths and walkways.

Labor hire:

site clean-ups, and stripping concrete pools after spraying, rubbish removal,

We can provide expert site management and supervision of swimming pool and spa excavations.

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Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

Melbourne Swimming Pool Steel Fixers

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